Projects I Have Worked On

Alright, enough about what I’ve configured and installed (and how I did it), and onto the fun stuff; namely programming! I’ve uploaded several of my favorite projects, which I have worked on in my academic and professional careers as well as on my spare time, to my projects page. Here you will be able to see some of the work I am most proud of such as the compiler for my simple language called PL, my senior level engineering project, and my IPSec implementation for Minix.

I am also currently working on an extension to the SquirrelMail webmail client (I’m not telling what it will do yet ;-p) when I have the spare time (which is not often these days). The plugin API is similar to that of Drupal, which I have written modules for in the past (see my projects page), involving hooks and such, and thus it shouldn’t take me too long to finish. Once complete, I will upload the code/documentation to my projects page as well as to the official squirrelmail site, and begin working on my next idea (once again, not telling what it is yet :-D)