Schools Out For The Summer, Schools Out Forever

Rock On

1989 I started school at age 4 2008 I finished school at age 23

After 19 continuous years of school, I finished my last course today. No finals this semester (besides presentations I’ve given over the last week) so I’m finally finished, fulfilled all the requirements for a Masters Degree in Computer Engineering and don’t have any more school. The years definitely have been full of both good classes and hard instructors, accomplishments and downfalls, projects which went off without a hitch and tests which were bombed horribly. I’ve met so many great people through my academic career and forged relationships which I hope never break. I’m not fully shutting the book just yet, I am floating the idea of a Ph.D. eventually, but a long break is long due. I’m sure I’ll find plenty of things to pass the time with, I’m still working full time, and have a gazillion ideas concerning programming projects I want to do. In my personal life, my friend Louis started teaching me the guitar, and I’m looking at learning and doing all the things that I haven’t had the time for yet (traveling is definitely in the picture). But anywho, this blog (which I’m finding to be alot more successful than any of my previous attempts, getting a bit of feedback from readers) will go on, so feel to check back!