The D-Link WDA-1320 WIFI Card

After a long, frustrating week of simple things that should be working, not, it is refreshing to have the reverse scenario happen. More specifically, before today I have never had a wireless card work on Linux right out of the box. Perhaps its a testiment to Linux’s ever-increasing hardware support and strong developer community, or perhaps D-Link is to be given credit (though I doubt it; I used to have a D-Link wireless router and it was the worst possible device, quickly switched to the Linksys one I have no and never went back), but the D-Link WDA-1320 pci based WIFI card worked right out of the box. Thats right, no drivers to hunt down and install, no man pages to read, just plugged it in, used network manager to select my wireless network, specified my password, and whala! I was surfing.

I very much recommend this card to any Linux user who is looking for the simplest and most pain free wireless experience on Linux.