Notes of personal interest

The whole time I was in school I figured that once I was done, I would have a ton of time, you know no hw / projects and everything. But ever since finishing my Masters degree last spring I’ve been busier than ever. Between work (professionally and on my own stuff), and family / friends my schedule is booked. Regardless, I’ve managed to fit a few interesting things into the queue.

First off, and perhaps most exiting, I’ve taken some time off Thanksgiving week and will be visiting my good friend Dave out the Californee Way. Dave and I worked on alot of projects during our undergrad together at SU, including the VLSI final project (aka the journey through hell) and our senior design project. He is currently living and working in San Jose, and we’re planning on seeing some sights in central california, specifically the San Francisco area when I visit. Of course, no trip is complete w/out blog updates and plenty of pictures, for which I’ve bought my first digital camera, the Cannon Powershot SD1100 and have been getting aquanted with it over the last week (review and picture album coming in the near future).

As far as other items of interest, I started reading Cryptonomicon by Neal Stevenson (author of one of my all time favorite books Snow Crash) which is perhaps one of the biggest books I’ve read so far (in terms of number of pages and complexity). Looking forward to continue reading about it and sharing my thoughts here.

Finally I’ve also started drawing over the past month, and while I’m no Da Vinci, I’ve noticed a steady improvement in my artwork, especially with the help of the begginers classic Fun with a Pencil by Andrew Loomis. As I get better, I will upload some works to my soon-to-be-created picture album and write up a concise tutorial on some techniques I’ve learned so far.

Anyways thats about it, be sure to check back soon for updates!