Guild Wars 2

Its been a while since I’ve gotten into a game. Back in high school I was really into Diablo 2 and its expansions, and more recently in college I really got into all the Guild Wars Campaigns, which I see as a great looking and playing Diablo-like game (granted although the perspective and many mechanics are different, there are many similarities and the original developers were former Blizzard guys that worked on the Diablo series).

One thing I really liked about Guild Wars was that while it is considered an MMORPG (by most people), there is no subscription fee, you buy the game in the box and play all you want. Granted I don’t play much (or all all) nowadays, I just like knowing that I can log on anytime with the characters I put alot of time into without having to keep my account active with monthly fees.

Well anyways back to the point of this post… the first Guild Wars 2 trailer was released today and it looks hot as hell. Enjoy!