Announcing Romic Version 0.1!

With over a year in the making (along w/ a few other projects to be released in the near future) I am releasing romic, Relational Object Mapping In C++ (via sourceforge). This AGPL/linker-friendly library provides the ability to seamlessly map database tables and rows to C++ classes and objects and use those table classes to CRUD data and perform other database operations. To assist in generating the boilerplate code a simple C++ source to source converter executable is provided as part of the project which reads in regular C++ source files with romic db macros, replacing them with the corresponding table registration code.

There really isn’t much to say here other than whats on the project page and in the manual. This project is a spin off of a much larger project I’m still working on, and expect to be for a long time. I will continue to develop romic, there are quite a few TODOs/FIXMEs, and have a couple other projects to be released in the near future. Until then enjoy!