Word of warning about rails 2.3

Rails in Fedora was upgraded to 2.3 in F11. When working on oVirt today, I discovered that changes to my templates were not being served to the user until I restarted mongrel/rails. Quickly searching around for the issue, I stumbled upon the Rails 2.3 changelog, particularly this section which states:

In most cases, you’ll want template caching to be turned on in production, which you can do by making a setting in your production.rb file: config.actionview.cachetemplate_loading = true This line will be generated for you by default in a new Rails 2.3 application.

While this is an excellent default for production systems, for development this is undesired (eg you’ll need to restart mongrel every time you make a template change no matter how small), and thus adding the following to config/environment.rb resolves the issue (preferably you’ll just enable in in your dev environment, but I didn’t really care as this is on my dev box)

config.actionview.cachetemplate_loading = false