Going the Californee Way

Oh how the time flies, noticed its already been a month and a half since my last post and I haven’t gotten to any of the items I said I would discuss in my post before last. Regardless, I won’t be able to get to anything other than pictures this week as I am on VACATION!!! I type this as I am on the plane from Philadephia to San Fransisco, after which I will take an hour train ride to my friend’s place in San Jose (of couse I won’t be able to post this until i get there). Regardless, I’ve brought my camera and created a flickr account and am eagerly looking forward to taking and uploading pictures. I aim to do an upload with a blog post at the end of each day describing my activities during the day, but we’ll see how that goes. Roughly speaking my vacation itinerary is as follows:

11/24 - San Francisco, Chinatown, Golden Gate Park, Fisherman’s wharf if I have the time (including the wax museum, the dock’d historical and military ships, and other attractions there as well as some nearby including Lambart street, Coit tower, cable cars, etc) 11/25 - Perhaps another visit to Fisherman’s Wharf then rent bike, and bike around the Golden Gate Nature Recreation Area and other outdoorsy areas parks where I can see the Redwoods and the other natural wonders California is famous for. 11/26 - Either do a few additional things in San Francisco, such as visiting the Exploratorium, or see some sights in San Jose including the Winchester house, the Tech Museum of Innovation, the Hakone Japanese Gardens, and a few other attractions 11/27 - Thanksgiving with my good friend Dave and Peter who is coming down for the day (Peter is also a good friend from SU, where we worked on our Senior Design Project together, who is currently working on a graduate degree from Stanford) 11/28 -> 11/30 - No formal plans, just hang out w/ Dave and see things that he recommends are worthwhile including lots of outdoorsy activities

I fly back Sunday the 30th / arrive on the 1st. Make sure to check often over the next week for updates!!!