...Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair

Another quick update before I hit the hay. Today started of with a bagel and coffee before my San Fran commute, after which the first activity of the day consisted of riding one of San Francisco’s famous cable cars from Market and Powell towards Hyde and Beach. Though a bit pricey ($5 a ride) these are fun and an essential part of anyone’s San Fran trip. I got off at Lombard street, also known as the crookedest street in America, made famous through various movies and shows, and snapped some more pictures. I made my way over to Coit tower and caught the spectacular views of the city from there. I didn’t go up the tower, sure I could have gotten a better view if I did, but the trip up Telegraph hill was well worth it regardless.

Originally I was planning on renting a bike from there and biking the Golden Gate Bridge / Golden Gate Natural Recreation area, but decided a visit to Fisherman’s wharf instead (know I will be visiting this again with my friend Dave and one of his friends, but thats ok) and saw some of the attractions. These included the famous Pier 39 seals, the mecha museum (very cool if anyone has never heard of it, full of very-old vintage ‘arcade’ games, some stuff as far back as the turn of the 20th century among other things), and the historical and military ships docked there. I also grabbed some great photographs of Alcatraz island and the Golden Gate Bridge from some great angles. For lunch I grabbed a delicious bread bowl clam-chowder soup which was delicious and filling.

From there I worked my way over to Fort Mason, a lesser known but nice area consisting of some historical sights and nice floura. I didn’t spend too long there as it was starting to get late in the day and I had to go back to San Jose to meet my friend and eat dinner. We went out to some French restaurant whose name slips my mind right now, but I wasn’t all that impressed with what I got (overpriced and not that tasty, perfect for rich folk but not me ;-) ).

Tomorrow I’ll probably return to San Francisco on my own one last time possibly visiting the Exploratorium, the attractions at Golden Gate Park that I missed, and to go on the bike ride I was planning on today. I was also floating the idea of doing a thing or two in San Jose, we’ll just have to see what happens.

Took many more great pictures, but like yesterday, I’m pretty beat so they will have to wait to be uploaded to another time.