Fun in San Jose

So yesterday I decided to stay in the area and see a few things in San Jose since I needed to be back early as we were going over to a friend of my friend’s house for a Thanksgiving dinner. I took the lightrail into downtown San Jose, and my first stop was the Tech Museum of Innovation. Though mostly geared to kids, this was pretty fun as there were many interesting hands on exhibits, as well as an IMAX theater (where I saw ‘Sea Monsters’ a cool / informative movies about Sea Dinasours that lives eons ago), and a limited exhibit about the life and works of (primarily) Da Vinci. That last bit was very cool as it was geared towards adults and contained alot of information, and replicas and original works of Da Vinci. (the guy was insane, I’m happy that I know a bit about computes, he seemed to know alot regarding every field imaginable).

The tech museum in itself took about ½ a day, and when I got out I was quite famished. I found a local place called ‘Hogie Steakhouse’ just walking by and had a mushroom and cheeze hogie and fries which was great. After which I made my was over to San Jose State University where I walked around the beautiful campus briefly (with classic palm trees in front of the buildings). Finally my last activity in downtown San Jose was visiting the San Jose Museum of Art, a relatively small art gallery with a few exhibits, including a few I found particularity interesting regarding the San Francisco beatnick counter culture.

After I got back we went over to one of his friend’s house as previously mentioned. The meal was good and everyone was nice. Lastly we picked up Dave’s other friend who is also spending the rest of the week here from the airport and retired for the night.