Golden Gate Bridge, Muir Woods, and San Fran

Today we decided to goto Muir Woods a little north of San Fran. To get there we had to cross the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. Unfortunately we weren’t able to get out around it but I did take quite a few snapshots from the car. We drove along California’s scenic “1” highway and saw the beautiful vistas of central California as we went along. Muir woods was no less spectacular, and I finally got to see and take pictures of the magestic redwoods (saying their huge is an understatement). We decided to spend a little more time in San Fran, particularly Fisherman’s wharf, as Dave’s other friend who arrived the other day hadn’t been there.

As far as food goes I had a great Supreme Burrito at the Burrito Palace for breakfast, followed by another great lunch at in-and-out in San Fran, followed by an awesome dinner at a noir sushi restaurant in San Jose.

Tomorrow we will probably go down to Monterey and see the scenery and aquarium they have there. The day after we might do something in the morning before my departure Sunday night. Thats all for now!

ps. also apologize for the brevity of the last few posts as I’ve been really tired everyday after we’ve arrived back. I will post a summary entry after my trip is all said and done. Also I’ve uploaded some photos to my flickr account (who has a really annoying 100mb per month upload limit so it might take a while to get them all up there, until then I’ll upload the best ones I have) but am still working on organizing and setting everything up. Will post the link when its all set to go.