Monterey and 17 Mile Drive / Pebble Beach

Today we went out to eat at baha fresh for breakfast where I grabbed another gargantuan burrito with chips and salsa / quacamole for breakfast. We drove down to Monterey via US 1 (on which we say alot more scenery including the Santa Cruz mountains) where we got out and walked around. Monterey is on a beautiful bay and the whole city has a very Mediterranean feel to it. It was a beautiful day for it too, the temperature being in the upper 60’s / low 70’s. We drove to a very scenic area called 17 mile drive where we drove around the coast, periodically getting out of the car to take pictures of the gorgeous landscape. There we also say The Lone Tree, a famous cyprus tree California landmark.

We drove back and ate at a great indian place for dinner where I had an excellent spicy chicken curry.

Tomorrow we will probably do a bit of hiking after which I catch my flight back to Syracuse at 10pm (arrive Monday morning).