Thoughts on my trip

First off I selected the best photos of my trip and uploaded them to flickr for everyone to see. Flickr caps the upload bandwidth per month, so I will slowly add the others as I go along. They currently can be found here (sorry not organized or sorted in any way yet).

Next, if you missed anything you can see a day-by-day log of my activities here:

  1. Preliminary Itinerary
  2. Day 1
  3. Day 2
  4. Day 3
  5. Day 4
  6. Day 5
  7. Day 6
  8. Day 7

Now that my great California adventure is over I have a few afterthoughts. Overall from what I’ve seen California is a great place with beautiful weather and lots of awesome ourdoors activities. On the other hand things are pretty pricey and there are a few other reasons why I’d only want to visit and not live there. Overall this is what really stood out:

  1. There are alot of asians (one out of every three or four people everywhere I went) and hispanics. Just saying
  2. There are alot of homeless people which bums me out (pun intended).
  3. Most people definetly have a ‘relaxed’ attitude, which is a curse and a blessing. While it means most people don’t sweat the small stuff, it also means people taking things a bit too slow for my pace (including walking and driving). I prefer the ‘go-go’ attitude of NYC on this count personally
  4. There is alot of tech. It was very cool overhearing people’s conversations about the famous tech companies where they work at, and seeing the headquarters of some of the biggest tech companies
  5. There is alot of great food including awesome burritos.
  6. Everyone is environmentally friendly to the extreme (eg people pick cans out of the trash and toss ‘em into recycling bins, there are often parking discounts for hybrid cars, carpool lanes exist to encourage sharing rides, etc.). While this is great it can get a tad prentious.
  7. Bring money. As mentioned everything is horribly overpriced, and you will spend alot of money if you are every the Californee way, especially if you plan of eating out alot
  8. Enjoy outdoors activities. Given that the weather allows you to be outside year round and that there is a plethora of outdoor activities, one would be a fool to not see some of the natural beauties california offers. While San Fran (and the other cities) is nice, my favorite parts of the trip were the nature bits by far
  9. Enjoy San Francisco. Its a great city including the iconic Chinatown, Golden Gate Park, Haight / Ashberry, the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf, Lombard Street, Coit Tower, and many other great locations.

Overall a great trip with very few if any hickups (possibly the only thing is the airline losing my luggage today). Big thanks to my friend Dave who put me up for the week and drove me places, I hope to return the favor one day.