Warning - Rubys Qpid - -Qmf Module != Qmf Module

Something to look out for for anyone interested in using Apache QMF.

The Ruby Qpid::Qmf module (as provided by the ruby-qpid package in fedora) is a qmf implementation written purely in ruby (history/source can be found here).

The Ruby Qmf module (as provided by the ruby-qmf package in fedora) is the ruby binding to the C++ QMF library. It is autogenerated along w/ the ruby bindings to the qpid library (qmf / qpid are seperate libraries now)

It is my understanding based on how these things work, that the Ruby QMF module is more complete and robust, containing the full implementation of the C++ QMF library, adapted to ruby. The QPID::QMF module is a more convenient utility, with nicer methods / classes to use, but a bit more limited in functionality. Which module the developer uses depends on their needs.

As I explore QMF so more I’ll make sure to report back with my finding on the differences. I’m already hosting the QPID::QMF API docs, and have just updloaded the QMF API docs for anyone thats interested (at least until they are officially hosted on qpid.apache.org).