BuildError - package foobar is blocked for tag dist-fXX

Quick Fedora tip (thanks to nirik on #fedora-devel). If you are unorphaning a package and you’ve made it all the way to ‘make build’ each CVS branch you want into import into Fedora, just to get the following error from Koji:

2030661 build (dist-f13-updates-candidate, /cvs/pkgs:rpms/joni/F-13:joni-113-4_fc13): open ( -> FAILED: BuildError: package joni is blocked for tag dist-f13-updates-candidate

You need to file a bug w/ the release engineering trac system to get your package unblocked. Here is my joni ticket for example

After it is unblocked, ‘make build’ should work, and you can submit any updates via bodhi.

Happy hacking!