Ruby Gem Polisher Update

Alot of changes have gone into Polisher since my last update (eg the initial release). Most notably, the focus of Polisher has been changed and expanded, it now serves as a generic upstream project post-release processing tool, which can be used to configure any number of upstream projects w/ many various sources, and associate events with them to be triggered on releases. Polisher still works w/ the gemcutter API (namely the subscriptions / webhooks) as well as with gem2rpm, but now they are special cases in the generic upstream project management framework.

In the backend, Polisher is now based on Sinatra, which is far more lightweight and flexible than the previous solution, Rails. Rails is a powerful framework in itself, but I was looking for something small to help me establish the primary REST interface to the webapp.

Polisher also provides a nice DSL interface which can be used to define and run mass project / source registrations and trigger events in order to automate many various releases at the same time. I went through and picked several popular ruby-related packages from the current Fedora Repos, and wrote Polisher scripts for all of them, establishing several yum repositories for various Ruby related stacks.

Currently I have setup:

By tweaking the Polisher scripts and rpm spec file templates, the contents of these repos can be changed and new ones can be setup for any target software stack.

Any Fedora / yum user can simply point a yum repo entry towards any of those before running a yum update to get all the latest Ruby packages provided by that repo. Warning no functionality is guaranteed, there may currently be major breakage as Polisher and the scripts themselves are a work in progress. Furthermore, I'm in the process of setting up various Fedora based appliances, each pointing at a different Polisher generated repo by default. Any user can easily startup a VM on their local machine based off any of those appliances and instantly have Fedora w/ a complete Ruby stack for whichever version of Ruby they want to use. It's a work in progress, and I will have a link up soon to the downloadable images.

It would be awesome to get some help from anyone in the community that's interested in Ruby on Fedora (or any upstream project post-release processing on any flavor of Linux in general, as it's trivial to expand Polisher to handle any input/output package or repository format). It is a bit of effort to get Polisher scripts written for every Ruby related package, but if this thing starts rolling, I can see this as being a useful tool in the "upstream project to Fedora repo" process as mass parallel source releases can be triggered and handled easily in a committable / reproducible / reliable fashion.

Well that's it for now, be sure to note the many updates to deltacloud and many to my own projects, more on all of those in the near future.

Until next time, take it easy.