College Study Sheets

Now that it’s been just about two years since I finished grad school (doesn’t the time fly), I figure it’s about time I did something about the stack of study sheets I am sitting on. See I personally found one of the most effective ways of studying was coming up with single (or very-few) paged study sheets; they are a great way to summarize all the important info, they give you a simple / single reference to refresh up on and review the material at any point, and sometimes professors will allow you to bring them into the exams.

Of course one of the best parts about coming up with study sheets is reviewing and writing the material down in your own way, but it also helps to have other people’s notes, so as to tackle the subject at a slightly different approach, and to make sure your are not missing anything fundamental. Luckily I saved alot of my study sheets since Freshman Year all the way through my Masters at SU, and now I’m releasing them under the GNU Free Documentation License.

Most of the scans turned out great, but I apologize for the few that are cut off. My scanner will scan letter sized documents and little / nothing else more, and some of the pages I used for notetaking were larger than that, filled with my notes to the borders. Regardless, the vast majority should be of high quality and can be accessed here (see the course taxonomy and my statistics study sheet, perhaps the most concise one ever ^_^). Enjoy!