Adding pidgin icon to gnome-shell status tray

While it's a great interface to the system, one thing I miss with the new gnome-shell (now being shipped by default with Fedora 15) is a system-tray status icon for Pidgin, my preferred IM and IRC client.

The current graphical notification, residing in the messages/notification area, doesn't quite cut it as that area auto-disappears and as I would like some persistently on the screen at all times, continuously flashing until I respond if I get a new message. I'm sure I could turn off the auto-disappearing feature, but I like that functionality the way it is.

Fortunately adding the icon back to the system status area in the upper right is trivial. Simply create the following directory


Then copy these two files in there


  "shell-version": ["3.0.2"], 
  "uuid": "", 
  "name": "Pidgin Status Icon", 
  "description": "Integrates Pidgin Messaging Client into the status bar"


// Creates a system status notification icon for pidgin

const StatusIconDispatcher = imports.ui.statusIconDispatcher;

// gnome-shell extension entry point
function main() {
    StatusIconDispatcher.STANDARD_TRAY_ICON_IMPLEMENTATIONS['pidgin'] = 'pidgin';

Then simply restart gnome-shell by pressing alt-f2 and typing r and hitting enter. Now you should see the Pidgin icon in the upper right!