Presenting Aeolus at FOSSCON

Next weekend you will be able to find me at the 2nd annual Free and Open Source Software Conference in Philadelphia, PA. I attended the first one last year at RIT in Rochester NY and had such a great time that I decided to return this time around to present!

I will be talking about Aeolus, which is an open source, vendor-agnostic cloud management framework that allows you to deploy and monitor instances on any cloud using the same tooling from any language. I will be discussing some of the details of the framework and how we interface w/ various cloud providers, some open and some proprietary.

Be sure to check out the project, there has been alot of great progress recently, including support for more cloud providers (ec2, rhev-m, vmware vsphere, condor-cloud, and more), better and simplified ui and tooling, and more integration with other upstream components. We are working on finishing up the Aeolus/Rails 3 migration and are pushing the aeolus components into Fedora for F16 to ease adoption, so look out for those soon!