Bringing Android to the Mazes of Menace

If you have an Android device, make sure to download the 'Nethack Encyclopedia', my first Android app which I released last weekend. I've only just recently have been getting into Nethack myself, but have been having a blast. I wanted a way to lookup spoilers information when I don't have an internet connection (being from Upstate NY I go camping often).

The app is free and I released the source code for anyone to modify. If you notice that things are <ahem> less than polished, this is a feature not a bug (I swear!). I came up with a long TODO list which I'm going to use to drive a community workshop series on open source development @ the Guild. The series will be free for members (a modest fee will be charged to non-members to help support the group) and what I aim to do is develop the app on the spot. Any contributers will get their name in the changelog and I will periodically push updates with contributers code to the Android market. It should be a fun way to develop a geeky open source project in the 'cuse!

Be sure to check the SIG blog for more updates and other happenings