Hardware Disaster

Haven’t had a week like this one for as long as I remember.

Earlier on in the week my laptop b0rked, think its due to corrupt video memory or something similar but the system was rendered unusable.

No biggie, took the SATA drive out of it, put it in an external enclosure and connected it to my desktop, proceeded w/ business as usual.

Today one of the pins on my video adapter of my desktop broke. OK so now I don’t have any working computers. No biggie, just went on down to the hackerspace and used one of the PCs there. Not as good as my beast of a machine back home, but will suffice until the new adapter I just ordered arrived.

I connected my SATA drive to one of the unused spare machines, popped in a live Fedora CD and bam a working setup again. Since the machine was unused, I decided to install Fedora to the disk to get better performance. And of course like the tired genious I am, in the live cd installer, I selected my SATA drive as one of the drives to blank and use for installation.

Now all my files are gone. My ssh keys, my task lists, my working code and application settings, everything. Last backup is from a while back.

Now that the shock has somewhat passed (not really, I still can’t believe what happend) what can I say. It’ll probably take a while for me to get fully operational again. In the meantime I’ll try to prioritize my recovery efforts to focus on things which are more pressing than others.

I apologize if this causes anyone who is waiting on me for anything any inconvenience.