Installing Fedora 15 on the Thinkpad T520

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Linux hardware review. Having just got a Lenovo Thinkpad T520, figure it’s about time for another :-)

Here’s the breakdown:

Hardware ComponentsStatus Under LinuxNotes
Intel Core i7 (quad core, x86_64)WorksNo special setup needed. Make sure you download the x86_64 dvd/cd’s
4GB RAMWorksNo special setup needed
500GB SATA Hard DriveWorksHad to use install DVD to setup a ext3 for / as ext4 install off LiveCD wasn’t working for whatever reason
TouchpadWorksHad to yum install gpointer-device-settings and run it to get Vertical/Horizonal Scrolling Working
Intel HD GraphicsWorks (external VGA / DVI too)No special setup needed
Intel Gigabit Ethernet network cardWorksNo special setup needed
Intel Corporation Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 /td>WorksNo special setup needed
CD/DVD Reader/BurnerWorksNo special setup needed

That’s about it, besides the small hickups w/ the root FS and touchpad-scrolling installation went as smooth as possible and everything worked out of the box. Even after I did a pre-install re-partitioning w/ gparted, Windows 7 still boot up as well, so that’s an additional plus.

This is my first Thinkpad and it is really looking to be as Linux friendly as everyone says they are.