Quick Fedora Screencasting Guide

Here is how I orchestrated my recent screencast on Fedora 15:

  1. $ sudo yum install recordmydesktop ffmpeg avidemux openshot xorg-x11-utils
  2. Start the program you would like to record, in my case it was virt-manager
  3. $ xwininfo
  4. then click on the window to record, this will give you the window id
  5. $ recordmydesktop –windowid [id-of-window] # this will create an ogv file of the recording
  6. Feel free to create multiple recordings, to piece together later on
  7. ffmpeg -i [file.ogv] [file.avi] # convert to avi for editing
  8. then used avidemux extract specific clips out of the avi files
  9. then used openshot to piece the avi clips back together w/ any transitions (fade in/wipe out/etc)
  10. finally I used avidemux again to boost the audio on the final avi file

Now you will have an AVI file which you can upload to youtube / embed in websites or to do with what you want.