Redmine Plugins

For the aeolus project. we use a redmine instance as our main project management / issue tracking platform. The nice thing about this is that it's a very extensible framework, allowing us to modify it to suite our needs.

I just threw together / pushed a few redmine plugins to our installation to help satisfy a few missing pieces

redmine_blogroll A rss/atom feed aggregation plugin used to generate the official aeolus blogroll. Currently deployed here

redmine_static A means which to upload static html content to redmine. Use this one with caution, only grant trusted users the ability to manage static content. Currently deployed here

redmine_patchmine A patch tracker plugin which takes patches from our list, associates them with redmine issues, and updates those issues depending on comments and any ACKs/NACKs. Also am planning on providing a better interface to visualize and generate reports for these patches.

Patchmine is still in development, but should have something on the public website soon. Any patches to any of these plugins are more than welcome.