Brother MFC 240c printer / scannner and Linux

In my quest to find more hardware that "just works" with Linux, I'm pleased to announce that I got the Brother MFC 240-C usb printer working without fuss w/ Fedora 9 and 10. Its all rather simple and straightforward (more detailed instructions can be found here
  1. Turn off the printer, connect the usb cable
  2. sudo yum install glibc.i386 # need this if your running x86_64
  3. sudo rpm -ivh
  4. sudo rpm -ivh
  5. Turn printer back on (if your printer was on all along, power cycle it, this is important)

Installing the cups wrapper driver rpm should restart cups after which the printer should be ready to go!

OK I lied, you may need to disable selinux, i had it in permissive mode and the printer wasn't working until I disabled it completely. Also if you're running a 64 bit distro creating this symbolic link might help if its still not working: sudo ln -s /usr/lib/cups/ /usr/lib64/cups

The scanner is equally as simple (detailed instructions can be found here)

  1. sudo rpm -ivh
  2. sudo yum install xsane # or whatever other scanner software you want to use
  3. Scan Away!