Working from Brno, CZ 04/12 - 06/12


Starting next month I will be spending some time working onsite w/ my teammates at Redhat Brno in the Czech Republic. This will be my first trip to Europe and I am fully looking forward to going, not only have the previous times I spent working from the office (Raleigh, Boston, NYC) been great networking experiences, but this will be the furthest of my more recent adventures yet (I did visit Egypt on a few occasions during my youth) and I am looking forward to seeing the new culture first hand. During this trip I will be renting an apartment with fellow teammate Martyn from the UK who will also be visiting during the month of April.

I am also planning on visiting a few other cities during my stay, including Prague, Vienna, and Amsterdam. If anyone wants me to bring them back any souvenirs, just ask! And make sure to stay tuned for more updates!