When in Rome...

Am wrapping up my European trip and am planning on being back in the States at the end of next week. Earlier on this week, my mother (who came for a visit) and I traveled to Rome, Italy to see the city (hover over images for descriptions, right click and then select 'view image' for the full size)

All in all the word I feel that best describes the city is "Epic", so many times when rounding a corner when wandering through the city we were facing something incredibly grand and ancient. To any prospective tourists I have a few bits of advice, first off make sure to pace yourself, there is alot too see (no way you are going to cover everything) and you don't want to get burnt out early on. Also I highly recommend taking tours, both the paid tour guide at the Colloseum / Palentine Hill / Roman Forum and the audio tour at the Vatican Museum was well worth it. And lastly / most importantly make sure to enjoy some italian pizza and pasta when your visiting! :-)

Thats all for now, in less than a week I'll be back in the good ole' US of A. Until next time, ciao!