Aeolus at the Ohio LinuxFest - Part III Conductor & CLI

See my first article in the series to set up cloud providers, and my second article on using the core Aeolus components.

Web interface

To setup the full Aeolus suite, simply:

yum install aeolus-all aeolus-configure

Open a web browser and navigate to http://localhost/conductor to access the conductor web interface.

Login w/ the default credentials ('admin' / 'password').

To manage cloud provider, click 'admin' and 'providers':

Add a new provider and provider account, specifying the type and location of the provider, access credentials, and uri of the deltacloud instance through which to connect to it.

Manage cloud hardware and realms:

Manage pools of providers and environment which instances run in:

Manager users and rights:

Build images and start instances themselves on providers according to any number of metrics:


To connect via the command line, setup a ~/.aeolus-cli file containing the credentials which to use to connect to conductor:

     :url: https://localhost/conductor/api
     :username: admin
     :password: password

Yum install the command line utility:

   # yum install aeolus-cli

All operations available via the web interface are also available from the command line:

   $ aeolus --help

   $  aeolus hwp list

   $  aeolus hwp create --name demo

   $  aeolus image --help


That about wraps up the presentation content that I had prepared, besides a small / minimal set of slides that I will be posting shortly. I have also downloaded a few screencasts off our youtube channel as a backup plan incase things go awry with one of my machines (there is a nice / short one on the Audrey config server that I'll probably end up showing anyways to demo that component).

Stay tuned for my final post in this series!