About Me

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Mo Morsi
Email: mo at morsi dot org; AIM: movitto; IRC: mmorsi

List of Professional Works (in reverse chronological order):
* CloudForms 2.x (polisher, ReFS analysis)
* CloudForms 2.x (ManageIQ / RedHat integration)
* CloudForms 2.x/1.x (packaging / release engineering)
* Many Fedora Contributions (active member of the Ruby Special Interest Group, presented at multiple FUDCons)
* Google Summer of Code / Google Code In Mentor For Fedora (students developed the isitfedoraruby.com site)
* CloudForms 1.x (presented / demoed CloudForms at the Ohio Linux Fest 2012)
* CloudForms 1.x (represented RedHat at the 2012 Google Summer of Code Mentor's Summit)
* CloudForms 1.x (snap - implemented in Python)
* CloudForms 1.x (aeolus-configure / installer / puppet-recipe)
* CloudForms 1.x (UI & Backend Development)
* oVirt (packaging / release engineering)
* oVirt (ovirt-viewer, implemented in C)
* oVirt (UI & Backend Development)
* RHX (implemented in Java, one of 3 UI / backend devs)
* RH Errata Tool (used to manage all of Red Hat's errata)
* Many various other projects & patchsets, both small and large, implemented in Ruby, Python, Java, C, and more.

List of Notable Side Projects
* Omega - a physics simulator written in Ruby & Javascript using WebGL and Websockets
* The Ruby JSON-RPC implementation
* The Ruby XSD Library
* The Nethack Encyclopedia Android App - Download for free now on the Android Marketplace
* And many more (see presentations and various older projects in languages including C++ here)

Various Academic Projects
* Minix Kernel IPSec & RBAC Implementations
* Bluetooth Control Profile, Senior Design Project, winner of the Louis N. DeMartini Award for Innovative Undergraduate Research
* Many various projects, research, and papers on topics ranging from Computer and Network Security, to Compiler Design, to Kernel Development, and more

Red Hat: Software Engineer (May '11- present)
CloudForms, the RedHat Ruby platform

Syracuse Innovators Guild: Co-founder, VP, Interim President (Feb '10 - Oct '11)
Founding member of Syracuse NY's non-profit hackerspace.

Red Hat: Web Developer / Associate Software Engineer (Sept '07 - May '11)
RHX, oVirt

Red Hat: Global Support Services Intern (May '07 - August '07)
Lead developer of a team of six working on "Mr. Logistics", your friendly neighborhood consultant management tool!

Red Hat: Quality Assurance Intern (May '06 – August '06)
Developer on the Red Hat Errata Tool

The Living SchoolBook: Web Developer / Sys Admin (Spring ‘04 – Spring '06)

Syracuse University May '08
Degree: M.S. in Computer Engineering

Syracuse University May '06
Degree: B.S. in Computer Engineering / Mathematics
Member of the College of Engineering & Computer Science Dean's List for six consecutive semesters.

Other Interests:
Science-Fiction, philosophy, literature, music, playing the guitar, aikido, maintaining an active lifestyle, spending time w/ family and friends, and being good to my fellow man.